Fire Extinguishers


We supply, install and service all types of Fire Extinguishers. All extinguishers are serviced and maintained by BAFE accredited technicians in accordance to BS 5306 part 3, and Hose Reel servicing to BS 5306 part 1.

The provision of firefighting equipment within your premises is a legal requirement under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Portable fire extinguishers are available in various types, sizes and finishes. Depending on the hazards and risks within your premises will determine what extinguishers are required and the size of the premises will determine how many extinguishers you require within your premises.

Fire training is also available to ensure that all relevant persons understand about the different classes of fire, what extinguisher to use and what to expect if an extinguisher is used. Whether it is basic fire training or fire warden training we personalise it for your property and procedures. For further information on fire training please see the Fire Training page.

Servicing of your Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable Extinguishers are to be serviced on an annual basis by competent and accredited persons in conformance to BS5306. In-house inspections are to be carried out on a weekly basis and are to be suitably documented. Weekly in-house inspections includes; checking extinguishers are in the correct and designated location, have a tamper tag and are not obstructed.

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