Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms

Fireserv UK offer a wide range of Fire Alarm Solutions.

Depending on the building layout, nature of works being carried out on site and other relevant factors, this will determine what category fire alarm system is required for your premises. This is normally determined in your Fire Risk Assessment.

A Fire Alarm System is required to ensure that fire / smoke is detected and occupants are warned at the earliest possible stage to ensure a quick and safe evacuation.

We can attend site to carry out a survey on your premises. Whether this be for additional equipment, Upgrade Works, System Takeovers or a New Installation. The survey will determine what is required, whether it be to Install additional automatic fire detection or the Installation of an L1 Category Fire Alarm System. We will ensure that you receive the most relevant and beneficial system for your premises.

Servicing your Fire Alarm System

Your Fire Alarm System should be maintained in accordance with BS5839-1: 2017 for commercial premises and BS5839-6: 2017 for domestic premises. Servicing of your fire alarm system should be carried out by our competent and accredited engineers at least twice per annum. Weekly in-house call point tests should be carried out on a different call point each week which is to be documented within your fire log book.

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