Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting Fire Exit

Emergency Lighting is required to ensure that escape routes, fire exits, and changes of levels are suitably illuminated in the case that the mains power supply is disrupted. This means that all occupants can see escape routes, exits and fire safety provisions during an emergency evacuation.

Whether you require new emergency lighting installations or servicing of existing emergency lighting systems, we are able to help. The standard of emergency lighting should be specified within your fire risk assessment. If you require help we are able to attend site to carry out a survey on your premises to see what is required or to produce a quotation for the servicing of your existing system.

Servicing your Emergency Lighting System

Your emergency lighting should be maintained in accordance with BS5266. Servicing of your emergency lighting system should be carried out by competent and accredited persons at least twice per annum. Monthly in-house tests should be carried out on all emergency light units which is to be documented within your fire log book.

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