CCTV – Closed Circuit Television


Fireserv uk offer a wide range of CCTV Solutions no matter how big or small the premises. We understand how important security is to you and your property and will ensure that you have the best, most suitable system for what is required. We can provide a wide range of solutions including monitored systems and systems that integrate with your Fire Alarm, Access Control System etc.

We will work with you to understand and meet your security requirements. If you have any personal preference we can help tailor your security system to help meet these needs and give you complete peace of mind.

Servicing your CCTV System

Your CCTV System should be maintained in accordance with BS EN 50132-7 : 2012 & NCP 104. Servicing of CCTV System should be carried out by our competent and accredited engineers at least once per annum if the system is not monitored and twice per annum if the system is monitored.

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