Fire Detection Systems

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Why do I need a fire alarm?

A fire alarm is needed to alert all occupants of a building when there is a fire. Fires can spread extremely quickly and without sufficient warning people may become trapped making it difficult to escape putting them in significant danger.

A fire alarm system not only alerts occupants but can also automatically closes any fire doors within the building to keep the fire contained. Sprinkler systems can be installed to prevent fire damage by quickly putting out the flames.

In some buildings the stairwells and evacuation points can be too narrow to allow every occupant to evacuate the building at the same time.  Alarm systems can be fitted with special alert systems which will tell each section of the building can evacuate making it easier and safer for occupants to get out.

For buildings that occupants sleep in such as hotels and B&B’s a fire alarm is very important as occupants are more than likely not going to be familiar with the layout of the building or the evacuation procedures.  Building such as schools and care homes should have an alarm system which automatically informs the local fire brigade this is usually done by using one of our dedicated Dualpath Signalling Devices incorporating 24-7 monitored response

Servicing your fire alarm

Your fitted fire alarm system should be maintained in accordance with the relevant British Standard: 5839 Part 1 (2013) and should be carried out by a professionally 3rd party accredited company at least every six months. In addition to this weekly incumbent tests should also be carried out by a nominated person to ensure correct alarm operation. When any service checks or weekly tests are carried out this information must be documented within a Fire Safety Folder and prominently available to view by the local Fire Service Department

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You should test a buildings fire alarm at least once a week to confirm for correct operation…..