Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Keeping your staff safe is a legal requirement let us help your company provide the lighting.

Why Emergency Lighting is Important

We are approved emergency lighting installers for commercial, offices, industrial factory and high rise residential buildings. By law commercial buildings must provide emergency escape lighting. There’s a variety of available options for places of work or populated buildings, we can provide installation, documentation and health and safety information to keep your business operating safe and within the law.

Emergency lighting works by storing up power from the main supply so that when the power fails the emergency lights stay lit, making it easier and quicker for people to see where they are going and get out of the burning building quickly.

We provide a range of emergency lighting from spotlights to emergency exit signs and self-test lighting and signs.

The Building Regulations 2000

The building regulations of 2000 state that in addition to escape routes all large areas which are bigger than 60m2 must be illuminated if the normal lighting fails. IT also states that emergency lighting is needed for all places within a school that are not lit by natural light or that are used outside of the normal school hours.  Systems must comply with BS 5266-1.

The Fire Precautions Workplace Regulations 1997

The fire precautions workplace regulations of 1997 state that all emergency routes or exits should have emergency lighting of adequate intensity in regards to lighting failure. The employer of the company has a legal responsibility for compliance with the regulations. A site with more than five employees must make sure that they keep a formal record of fire risk assessment which should evaluate the site and the measures which taken to ensure that the premises is safe. If the fire certificates are at the latest standards at the premises the employer should provide a risk assessment but it is very unlikely that they will need any new equipment. If the certificate was issued before 1999 when BS 5266-1 was changed the risk assessment should be checked to make sure no improvements need to be made.