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Fireserv uk

Why we can help you and your company keep safe and conform to legal regulations.

Here at Fireserv uk we  supply, install & maintain a range of security alarm systems, door access control systems, Intruder Alarm systems, CCTV and fire alarm systems to keep your business or family home safe. Our expertise helps your company stay safe, secure and within the law. We can provide a fully maintained service to cover all required elements: security, fire safety, risk assessments, servicing, documentation and 24-7 monitored response.

Why trust us with your security?

As a centrally located UK based company, Leicester to be precise, we are ideally situated to deal with all of your Fire & Security requirements as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our dedicated support staff are on hand to deal with your enquiry from start to finish 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being a full third party accredited company gives both ourselves (as the service provider) and you (as the client) the knowledge and the comfort needed to ensure all disciplines of work are carried out to the highest maintained standards.