Complete fire and security solutions

Here at Fireserv uk we supply, install and maintain a wide range of fire and security systems, in addition to electrical and mechanical services in order to help maintain your business or equally help to keep your family home safe. Our specialist expertise can help your company to stay on track, secure and work within the law. For complete fire and security Fireserv uk are here to provide complete peace of mind whatever the situation.

Fire Alarms

An automatic fire detection system not only quickly and efficiently alerts occupants of a potential fire within a building at the earliest opportunity given, but also helps to provide an early warning signal in order to preserve building integrity. Via our Dual Path Signalling monitoring devices Local Fire and Rescue Service response alerts can be given in order to battle any unwanted fires at the soonest possible stage.


Wether it be a colour and/or monochrome system, we at Fireserv uk can design the relevant systems to suit both the needs of your site and your operations. Whether it’s to assist your personnel on site or to transmit live pictures back to our remote monitoring station, at Fireserv uk we have the answers. CCTV will not only provide your business with a remarkably cost efficient solution it will effectively enhance your business’s deterrent against crime.

Intruder Systems

At Fireserv uk we only use the very latest in control equipment and intruder detection technology to give full system flexibility and ease of use to our end users. Our selection of control equipment caters for all sizes of buildings, operated by multiple codes or personal key fobs and giving individual detector identification.
Our intruder alarm systems are intensely designed in accordance with the relevant British & European standards, which in addition to the latest technology used helps to keep our systems false alarm count to an exceptionally low level. This can be of particular importance especially when it comes to regular liaison with the emergency services. Find out more about emergency response to alarm activation with our monitored alarms.

Access Control

We at Fireserv uk design and install multiple disciplines of access control system levels. The more sophisticated systems not only prevent unauthorized external access but can also control and monitor the internal movements of personnel too. Used in conjunction with Windows-compatible communications software, such systems can enable a company to centrally administer access privileges over many different locations almost instantaneously.